Services — Medicare Conditional Payment

When the landscape changes, you have to update your map. And as we all know, change is inevitable. Laws, statutes, rules and situations change over time. But sometimes keeping up with all of the changes can be confusing―like Medicare conditional payment letter reviews. That's why you should consider letting Resolution Partners handle this delicate task for you. We know the landscape and have an updated map.


Our expertise sorts through the Medicare clutter to keep you from paying for things you shouldn't.

Effective February 2017, the Commercial Repayment Center division of Medicare hired a private contractor to actively pursue the recovery of funds either erroneous paid or overpaid by Medicare. Since the contracting company is paid based on the amount they recover, they include all charges for services provided by Medicare. Our experts are trained to identify and review charges presented by Medicare and protect the employer from paying for charges that are not their responsibility. We have the know-how when responding to these notices and communicate the rationale for payment or non-payment to Medicare