Services — Litigation Management

We like to do things right the first time. To do anything less costs our clients in time, dollars and most important―reputation. Of course this requires a high degree of preparation, professionalism and proficiency on our part. Here's three areas that you have to get right the first time.


+ lien resolution

We have a long-standing proven track record in resolving liens. We analyze, negotiate, and litigate liens with fast, optimal results. Our lien specialists hold a keen competitive edge over many of the "experts" out there, offering proven techniques and long-term experience to drive down costs.

+ hearing representation and expert witness

Our Hearing Representatives not only offer more than 15 years of direct claims administration experience, but they have an in-depth knowledge of all regional WCAB jurisdictions. Our expert witnesses are veterans of bill review and claims litigation, adding depth and breadth of litigation experience to our Expert Witness Testimony Service. We also work closely with the Claims Examiner focusing on pertinent issues to expedite settlement and file closure.

+ Walk Thru Services

We provide quick resolution of In-Pro-Per Walk Through Settlements. Services include:

  • Crafting Settlement documents
  • Meeting with injured workers to obtain signatures and WCAB appearances for settlement approval
  • Bilingual team members on staff
  • Per file referral flat fee