Services — Drug Compatibility Testing

We'd like to think that our Drug Compatibility Test does just that―directs the ripples. That gives you incredible control over outcomes with far less uncertainty. And while no can accurately predict the future 100% of the time, as Peter Drucker used to say, "the best way to predict the future is to create it." 


In Workers’ Compensation, more often than not, drugs are the “first line” of treatment for most forms of pain. The goal of successful pain management is to effectively control patient pain with a minimum of side effects. Ironically, studies have shown that just over half of those taking prescription pain medications actually receive any pain relief. And only slightly less than half of those who take over-the-counter pain medications report any noticeable relief. In today's world, most doctors prescribe medication in the hope that they have the right drug and dosage for that patient (without producing undo side effects). This trial-and-error method can be time consuming, costly and, in some cases, lethal.

Resolution Partners is able to offer drug compatibility testing through our partner, Restoration Medical. Their test determines the appropriate medication, effective dosage, and any possible drug interactions for each patient. It will also make recommendations for alternative medications if indicated. Thus, the physician is able to prescribe the most effective medication for each individual patient.