Services — Medical Provider Network (MPN)

There will always be conditions which we cannot control. We can, however, control what we do in response to the situation. And by having the right team in place with the right experience gives us the best shot at the right outcome.


Resolution Partners understands the importance of quality medical care from the onset of a workers’ compensation injury. We believe that physicians and providers should provide the same standard of care for your injured employees as they would for their own families. While other networks were slapping an MPN label on their existing PPO (along with an attempt to maximize penetration through heavy discounting), we chose to build networks from the ground up―and with only providers that deliver results. That's why we use Signature Networks Plus.

We believe, when we bring the right physicians to the table (those who know and understand workers' compensation and have a track record to prove it), we're able to offer a quality network that has a greater impact controlling medical and indemnity costs. We also believe the savings on medical and indemnity far exceed any quick savings that some "discounted" programs seem to provide in the short term.