To understand who we are today, you have to understand where we've been.

A brief history

When we started out back in 2007, we primarily focused our efforts on quick and effective lien resolution.  We "partnered" with both clients and a talented network of industry experts to negotiate rock bottom settlements. We called ourselves Resolution Partners, Micro & Macro (RPM for short) because we were able to see the big picture yet attend to the fine details. Before long, word-of-mouth gained us a substantial following of repeat clients.

We grew accordingly, but our clients began to ask us for help with more than just liens. They recognized our well honed skill-set with walk-throughs, bill reviews, and an advisory offering that was more than your typical consulting service. And while we've been successfully providing these services for years, some still identified us as "those lien guys."

A few small adjustments

We decided that it was time to clarify our services and polish our brand. We altered our name a bit to a simpler Resolution Partners. We also expanded our service offerings with drug compatibility testing, presented True North advisory services, crafted a new logo, and emphasized our craftsman-like expertise.

Craftsmanship expertise

While knowledge is key to producing good outcomes, you still have to know how and when to apply it. That kind of expertise is what makes great craftsmen so successful. Like the blacksmith, glass blower and watchmaker of old to today's craftsmen revivalists― it's the knowledge, creativity and constant improvement that make them so good at what they do. What we do here is very much like those fine craftsmen as we apply our fine-tuned expertise to client problem solving.

Words of Wisdom

 As American humorist, Sam Levenson, once said, “You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t possibly live long enough to make them all yourself.” His point is well taken―you have to be teachable. That's why we make it a priority to listen and constantly learn new things. There is a lot to be learned by just paying attention and maintaining a curious attitude. Maybe that's why we have such appreciation for famous quotes and words of wisdom.