Services — Comprehensive Managed Care

It's not enough to have been doing something for a long time. The key is having done it well for a long time. Nothing really teaches like experience.


At Resolution Partners our Medical Case Management specialists establish and coordinate a treatment plan that is medically appropriate for each individual case. Just as important, they enforce the application of the treatment plan throughout the utilization and bill review processes. We're all about improving the quality of care AND controlling costs. By carefully managing treatment we can help ensure the best case outcomes. To complete our comprehensive complement, we have a seamless partnership with a quality URO that enables us to provide uncompromised Utilization Review. All of our services are customized according to the customer’s specific requirements.

Part of our managed care includes dedicated nurses who provide both field and telephonic case management services.  Their emphasis, like ours, is on early return-to-work and expeditious recovery. They provide the examiner/employer immediate feedback in the following areas:

  • Relevancy and appropriateness of medical treatment plan
  • Status of the injured worker
  • Work restrictions for modified duty
  • Early identification of cases requiring ongoing, higher level cost containment
  • Channeling cases to select PPO/MPN providers

Medical Case Managers remain on the case until the injured worker has reached the point of Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) and has returned to work or improved to the point where an appropriate treatment plan is in place.